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My favorite definition of marketing, is to get in touch with who you are and what you have to give to your people, and from there, to create a presence so that your people can find you. One of the ways to do that, is by having a website where you express who you are and what you have to offer.

Your first website does not have to be complicated or fancy and in my experience, a simple approach works best:

  • Something that is easy and cost-effective to set up.
  • AND, even more important, easy and cost effective to change, because I can almost guarantee that you’re going to want to start changing it before the proverbial ink on the first launch has dried.

That’s why I specialize in providing simple, but powerful solutions that will help you build your business without breaking the bank. And it’s why I’ve chosen to use the web-based tools that I use. Take a look here if you’d like more detail on the tools that I use and costs for each tool.

And here you’ll find links to some of the websites I’ve built for clients.

And now let’s get down to business and what you really want to know: what can I give you and how much will it cost?

Basic Website Package – $500

Includes the following:

  • One 60 minute requirements review call.
  • WordPress installation on Hostgator or JustHost.
  • Thesis theme installation and setup.
  • Up to six information pages – you supply the content.
  • Installation and setup of plugins for blog sharing, comments, secure contact form, and Akismet for blog spam prevention.
  • Sidebar with your photo, mini bio, and social media links.
  • Setup of email Marketing Functionality using AWeber with sidebar signup form.
  • Setup of one AWeber Mailing List with auto responder messages and one simple AWeber Broadcast template for distributing newsletters to your list.
  • Two 30 minute status update calls.
  • Basic Manual describing how to create your own blog posts and make simple changes to your web page content.
  • One 30 minute WordPress training call.

Please note that this package does NOT include the cost of tools.  You can find details of these costs here.

Logo and Header Design – $85 -$150

Though I don’t provide design services myself, I partner with a great designer who can work with you to create a logo / website header image that reflects who you are.  Charges are based on using a graphic image licensed from an online service like bigstockphoto, your choice of free fonts (licensed fonts cost extra), and the time taken to work with you.

You will work directly with my designer to put together the look that you want and she’ll provide me with images and color codes to add matching headlines and colors to your site.

Basic Site with Shopping Cart Add-On – $700

Includes the following:

  • The Basic Website Package
  • WordPress eStore plugin linked to your PayPal account with up to four products (coaching packages are set up as products) configured and tested

Shopping Cart Package – $200

Would you like to automate purchases on your existing website?  How about nice “Buy Now” type buttons that link to PayPal and your email marketing auto responder to send clients immediate details about the product or service they just purchased?

If you already have a WordPress site and email marketing software such as AWeber or MailChimp set up, the WordPress eStore Shopping Cart Plugin will automate the process for you.

I prefer working with WordPress sites built on the Thesis theme, but as long as you have a standard WordPress Dashboard where we can upload and configure Plugins, we should be fine.  Email me and we can double-check this for you before you purchase the package.

The package includes the following:

  • WordPress eStore plugin linked to your PayPal account with up to four products (coaching packages are set up as products) configured and tested
  • Linking products to new or existing email Marketing Lists that provide details on the product purchased.  For example tele class call in details, sheets to download, etc.
  • A document with screenshots showing you how to change product information such as prices, and add new products.

Note: The one-time $49.95 cost of the WordPress eStore Plugin, is not included in this cost.

Set up a FREE 30 minute call to discuss what you’re looking for.  Or you can send me a note.