“It has been a real pleasure working with Maryna Smuts on the creation of my website. She is extremely knowledgeable about the process and supported me all along the way. She responded in a timely manner to my myriad requests for information. I appreciate the package of material she provided for start up and reference.
Maryna has a wonderful sense of humour and added a “lightness” to the whole journey that had been feeling quite heavy before I had her help.
I would highly recommend Maryna Smuts as a VA, and won’t hesitate to call upon her for help in the future.” Carol Brown, CJ Brown Coaching

“Thank you, Maryna!  You are such a loving and inspiring soul.  Without your gentle encouragement to speak my own voice without fear, I would never have given myself permission to try.  You have changed my life.”  Susan Weisenborne, Susan Weisenborne

“I hired Maryna to develop my most recent website and I wanted to work with her because not only does she have skills and abilities in the tech realm but as a life coach she is attuned to the nature of my work as a therapist and instructor so she was readily able to understand the feel I hoped to accomplish with my new site for my new business. Maryna is detail oriented, always on time, always follows through with what she promises and she also is kind, gentle and delightful to work with. Maryna is willing to teach me how to help myself with my website needs as well and she genuinely enjoys helping people with developing technology that truly represents who the person is.”
Lynn Louise Wonders, Wonders Counseling Services, LLC

“I love working with Maryna as my VA!  She is not only quick to respond and efficient, she is also open to exploring better solutions and doing what it takes to run a business smoothly.  I couldn’t have asked for a better VA and have recommended her services time and time again.”  Christie Inge, Intuitive Eating Coach

“If you’re looking for a VA, Maryna Smuts is a total joy to work with.  I hired Maryna to reorganize my website and edit and produce my e-book.  She is smart, organized, punctual, and very patient.  She was able to explain to me (a non-techie person) in layman’s terms, how to navigate and edit my website with confidence.  She got back to me when she said she would, was totally accessible, and very easy to be with.  I give Maryna a huge thumbs up.”  Linda Ford, Attract a Life

“My lack of technical expertise (not to mention my paralyzing fear of technology) was keeping me from moving forward in my business and my marketing efforts. Then Maryna came along full of calmness and wisdom and I immediately knew that this is who I could trust to handle all my mailing list and website IT issues. Now she’s setting me up on all the systems I need. What a weight off my shoulders!  Maryna not only took on what I thought needed to be done but also offered sound advice on how to make it easier for my clients to connect with me — using technology in a way that would never have occurred to me. The best part is when she says, “You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll take care of that for you and then teach you what you need to know. “Suddenly I have much more time in my day to focus on my clients and what I do best. I am so grateful to have found Maryna!”  Glenda Gill

“What works for me is Maryna’s calm, steady, centered energy, which is exactly what I need when I’m frantic about getting out a newsletter or putting together a program.  She’s patient and lighthearted, and isn’t afraid to tell me where I’m wrong and make me laugh at the same time!  Of course her skills are great, but it’s her warm energy that keeps me coming back.”
Valerie LaPenta Steiger,

“Maryna is such a lovely, thoughtful person. She works with me in a kind and considerate manner and covers everything I need, asking questions I may not even think of.  Having her help allows me to relax because I know when I ask for her help it will be handled.”
Jessica Riesenbeck, Life Coach and Virtual Assistant