Project for Theresa

Hi Theresa!

You can sign up here for the project estimate for upgrading your website to Thesis 2.1.9.  Because your site doesn’t have a lot of custom styling, it should be pretty quick and easy to upgrade and then apply the styling you have right now.  Styling includes colors, how your sidebar displays, the header image, fonts used, etc.

Here’s what this project estimate includes:

  1. Changes already made as per your priority list
  2. One time licensing for the Thesis 2.1.9 theme
  3. Taking a backup copy of your site before upgrading to Thesis
  4. Reapplying styling to create the look we have now
  5. Upgrading all existing plugins, WordPress version, and HostGator PHP software to the latest versions
  6. Setting up a working RSS feed for your blog posts
  7. Add MailChimp opt in
  8. Add social Media Links
  9. Set up stunning blog post design

Project Quote: $300

Once we’ve done this upgrade, we’ll have a great foundation for any future style upgrades you might like to do to your site.  We’ll be able to position widgets and boxes almost anywhere we like to create almost any look you’ll find out there with other websites.