Project for Susan Viljoen

Hi Susan!

Here’s my cost estimate for upgrading your website to Thesis 2.1.9 and the latest version of WordPress. Because your site doesn’t have a lot of custom styling, it should be fairly straightforward to upgrade and then apply the styling you have right now.  Styling includes background image, colors, how your sidebar displays, the header image, fonts used, etc.  All the content for your site (pages and posts) will be intact and won’t be affected by the upgrade.

Here’s what this project estimate includes:

  1. Taking a backup copy of your site and copying the clone to one of my spare domains where we’ll do the upgrade.
  2. Installing the latest version of WordPress before loading your site to the test area.
  3. Installing Thesis 2.1.9
  4. Reapplying styling to create the look we have now.
  5. Ensuring that the site looks good on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.
  6. Upgrading all existing plugins and HostGator PHP software to current versions.
  7. Moving the changes to your live site once we’re happy with the styling.

Project Assumptions

  1. Pricing does not include purchasing a Thesis License since we’re assuming that you already have one.
  2. The site width may not be exactly what we have now since we’ll need to look at proportional column sizing to ensure the site is mobile friendly.
  3. The blog summary page will have a slightly different format and we’ll customize that to your liking.
  4. I’ll need access to your HostGator CPanel and Billing Account (in case we need HostGator Online Chat Support for anything).
  5. I’ll set up my own WordPress Dashboard User account with Admin access so that I’m not using yours.

Project Quote: R2,800

Once we’ve done this upgrade, besides taking advantage of security upgrades and features in the newer versions of WordPress, we’ll also have a great foundation for any future style upgrades you might like to do to your site.  We’ll be able to fairly easily position widgets and boxes almost anywhere we like to create almost any look you’ll find out there with other websites.