Project for Melanie

Hi Melanie!

You can sign up here for either only MailChimp updates or for a Theme upgrade including MailChimp updates and adding a Horizontal Opt In to your site.

Theme Upgrade PLUS Horizontal Opt In PLUS MailChimp

This project would upgrade your site to the Thesis 2.1.9 theme giving us an easy way to add the horizontal opt in along with a great platform for any future style upgrades you might like to do to your site. We’ll be able to position widgets and boxes almost anywhere we like to create just about any look you’ll find out there with other WordPress websites.  You’ll find examples of a few of my Thesis 2 sites here.

Because your site doesn’t have a lot of custom styling, it should be pretty quick and easy to upgrade and then apply the styling you have right now. Styling includes colors, how your sidebar displays, the header image, fonts used, etc.

Here’s what this project estimate includes:

  1. One time licensing for the Thesis 2.1.9 theme
  2. Taking a backup copy of your site before upgrading to Thesis
  3. Reapplying styling to create the look we have now
  4. Adding a MailChimp Horizontal Opt In below the navigation menu links (or above, or even above the header image depending on what feels like most fun to you).
  5. Updating MailChimp to include download links to your Happiness Cheat Sheets when people join the list.

Project Assumptions:

  1. This project assumes that your site is hosted on a service with CPanel functionality
  2. The updates will require access to your hosting site
  3. If you don’t have a spare domain name (something like or any other spare domain you may have or want to buy), the upgrade will be done early morning SA time to ensure minimal US access to the site during changes

Theme Upgrade Project Quote: $375

MailChimp Only Updates

If you’d like to do only the MailChimp updates as outlined above, we can do only that part (including disabling the current LeadPages functionality)

MailChimp Updates Quote: $100