Would you like someone to help you move your brilliant ideas from your dreams into the reality of a finished program or product?

Are you a highly Creative Type with more Ideas than could possibly be implemented in one life-time, but somehow your ideas hardly ever seem to make it out the door because you get distracted by other great Ideas before you’ve turned anything into reality?

Are you tired of people asking you why you never finish anything?

With my new Idea Wrangler Service you can:

  • Prioritize and track your Ideas
  • Choose your Favorite Ideas that you’d love to implement
  • Work with a Partner to turn those Favorite Ideas into Products or Programs
  • Focus on getting the right things done
  • Lean on my help to figure out what needs to be done
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of actually completing a project
  • Get to see your Ideas in action, helping your people with the gifts you have for them

Why work with me?

I’m a Myers Briggs INFJ and it’s my hunch that you just might be an XXXP.  This means that my J strength (getting things done), complements your P strength (Creativity and Ideas) and working together as a team, we can do amazing things.

I come from an IT career in the corporate world with over 30 years of experience working with clients and co-workers to discover what was needed to move business forward and then designing, creating, and implementing systems to support those goals.  In more down to earth language, that translates to helping people figure out what to do and then helping them get it done.

I have formal Project Management training and practical experience that enables me to look at your ideas, create a map of what needs to be done to turn those ideas into reality, and break that down into the steps it will take to get from Idea to Product or Program.  I enjoy the things that make you want to run for cover: setting up action items, assigning due dates, and following up to make sure that we stay on track.  And I know how to gently rein you in when needed, helping us stay focused instead of wandering off after the next shiny object before we’ve completed implementing the wonderful idea that we’ve chosen to bring to your people.

Here’s how Idea Wrangling works

We’ll have weekly calls to work towards growing your ideas into reality.  During those sessions we’ll cover all or some of the following as needed:

  • evaluate where you are with your business and what programs and products you’d like to implement
  • list and track your ideas on the Idea Tracker
  • pick the programs and projects you’d most like to implement and prioritize what you’d like to get done
  • brainstorm what needs to be done to get from Idea to Launched Service
  • map out action steps, and assign due dates and owners responsible for doing the work
  • follow up and review what’s been done, what’s left to do, where the plan needs adjusting, what can be discarded and what needs to be added
  • throw in a little coaching as needed

After each call, you’ll get my written overview of main discussion points, a summary of what’s been completed, action items for the next week, and a list of your brilliant ideas waiting in the parking lot.

What makes this program special?

It’s an Interactive Forum that takes the brilliance of your ideas, adding accountability that will lead to finished programs and products.

Interaction + Accountability = Finished Product

Do something with this.  A picture of weekly phone calls and an image of an action list with items checked off.  Finally a picture of a product being launched.

What you get

  • My personal attention, helping you review your ideas, prioritize them, and lay out an action plan with due dates.
  • Weekly phone calls, to evaluate where we are, adjust the plan, and stay focused.
  • A copy of my notes at the end of each call.
  • An action plan with due dates.
  • Checklists to give you the big picture and keep you on track with each project.
  • Coaching when you’re headed off in a direction that will not serve your business.
  • An accountability partner who will help you grow your business by turning your ideas into tangible programs and products.

How is this different from hiring a Business Coach?  There is much more hands on work and step by step guidance to help you implement your project.  More cost effective alternative to Business Coach.  And it’s also cheaper than working with a Business Coach.

How the program works and what it costs

To achieve results, we’ll need a minimum 3 month commitment with a monthly price of $450 .  Schedule a no-fee appointment with me to discuss your business needs and explore whether we’d like to work together.  And then, get ready to make things happen in your business!!


I want you to be happy with my service and will gladly offer a full refund, no questions asked, if after 2 weeks of working with me, for any reason, you decide that this program isn’t for you.



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