I grew up in the era of Twiggy (a very, very thin 1960s supermodel in case you were wondering).  Because I was much more Marilyn-Monroe-esque, I joined Weight Watchers while still in High School and thus began my lifelong struggle with weight. Now when I look at pictures of myself from that time, I think I was just fine, but I’d started a lifetime of disconnecting from myself and wanting to be some fantasy ideal woman.

I believe that people turn to food for many different reasons other than physical hunger.  For me, I’ve discovered some of the reasons include being out of touch with my body, my emotions, and my joy.  For most of my life, food was a way to avoid what was uncomfortable, unknown, unacceptable.  Once we uncover why we’re using food for something other than physical hunger, we can begin the journey towards taking care of the needs we’ve been trying to fill with food.  Once we begin finding ourselves and connecting to our joy, we can start letting go of using food as a substitute for what we really crave: an intimate, joyful, relationship with ourselves.

I’m on a quest to get to know myself and discover my joy.  I’d love to share what I’m learning.  Contact me if you’d like to join me and begin your own journey of discovery.

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